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New Service Times
Below is an excerpt from Pastor Darrin's letter to the church family in our October 2017 newsletter.

Dear First Baptist Family,

In just a few days we will finish the trial period for our new service times.  As I promised from the beginning, we have monitored the affects of these changes to our church family, and have held follow up conversations with the children’s ministry, youth ministry, and worship ministry teams, as well as the senior adult Sunday school class, the deacon ministry, and the elder ministry.  During the trial period, we noticed that many who had to leave our 11:00 services early are now staying for the entire service.  Furthermore, instead of our Sunday School attendance decreasing, it has increased.

In addition, the extra time between morning worship and community groups has been especially helpful. Based upon what I have previously mentioned and our conversations, the elder’s ministry has decided that moving forward, we will keep the new service times. 

Change is difficult, but often necessary.  Change is painful, but often fruitful.  While a decision like this is never easy, and never unanimous, I want you to know that the elder’s ministry is committed to shepherding our church family through this change.  We will continue to address and resolve any issues that arise moving forward.

To our First Baptist family, I want to express my thanks to you for having the vision and willingness to try something new in order to better reach the next generation.  I have always appreciated your willingness to embrace change for the sake of the gospel and the good of the church.  To all the ministry teams who will carry the biggest load of this change, I want to express my thanks to you for being willing to sacrifice more of your time and energy in order to sacrificially serve the Lord, your church family, and the next generation.

May we as a church family continue to be willing to do “whatever it takes” without compromising the gospel or the Word of God to reach future generations.  I am thankful for the privilege of being your shepherd.  You are deeply loved.

Pastor Darrin



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